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  • Brand: Omnilife
  • Product Code: 014
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CONCENTRATE AND SPEED UP YOUR MIND. Incredible nutritional supplement in powder to prepare a fresh drink that benefits the brain and the entire Nervous System. It is a formula to revitalize the power of the brain through the choline (amino acid), which in conjunction with the Vitamin B5 produces acetylcholine, which is the best neurotransmitter in the Central Nervous System. It was designed by North American nutritional scientists, leaders in the field of human survival through applied scientific nutrition. Testimonies of students in the United States of America from universities such as HARVARD, YALE, UCLA, MIT, together with the statements of students from UNAM, LA SALLE, ITESM, IPN, among others, prove the effectiveness of this formula. Provides essential nutrients for the brain, favoring the production of neurotransmitters. OPTIMUS contains fructose, citrus extracts and a wide group of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The hill, the taurine and the B complex stand out. Helping the body increase its production of neurotransmitters, OPTIMUS is a powerful ally for improving memory and clarity of thought.

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