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  • Brand: Omnilife
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For joint pain, cartilage and tendon regenerator. Contains Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Olive Powder Extract. (Olea Europea), which are necessary to keep the joints in optimal condition of the body (cartilage, tendons, etc.) among other benefits. Chondroitin: It is a carbohydrate that is found in the joints naturally. In some cases, when there is a decrease in chondroitin in the joints, it causes pain, lack of mobility and swelling. It also provides elasticity to cartilage and helps in its regeneration. Glucosamine: It is an amino saccharide that serves for the formation and repair of cartilage. It is formed naturally in our body and when it is missing, pain and inflammation appear. Glucosamine Hydrochloride: which is used in UNDÚ, is obtained from a patented process from a non-animal source; It does not have an allergy, so it can be consumed by all kinds of people without that risk. Olive or Olive Oil: Among other oils, it helps in cardiovascular diseases. While the olive has received great attention due to its high quality oil, it is now important for what is obtained from its process: a powder extract, rich in antioxidants, considered the most powerful. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.


  • Ideal for reducing arthritis, Recommended for repairing joints, For people with knee pain, Very useful for older people, Serves people who have suffered a sprain or strain, Its arginine content contributes to reconstruction of cartilage, UNDÚ is a product that helps provide nutrients to the joints.
  • Exercise, age, wear and tear and poor nutrition cause our joints to fail over time. This usually manifests as excessive pain and difficulty walking or bending the knees.
  • With Undú, we obtain the necessary nutrients to repair our joints and avoid all these discomforts caused by degenerative osteoarthritis and physical wear and tear.
  • Its arginine content stimulates growth hormone in the body. This is very useful for joint repair.
  • It is recommended for people of the elderly who experience the degenerative phase, people who have suffered a joint injury while exercising, and people who wish to stay free of these problems due to intense activity (athletes and athletes)
  • Excellent results when combined with POWER MAKER.

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